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About Francoise Lama-Solet

I believe in creativity, handmade products, quality products, originality, artistic creations, workmanship, uniqueness .... All these reflect into my designs. I'm constantly brainstorming for new design ideas, looking for new techniques that I can use in my clothes. They are meant to be unique and different from what you can find in the stores.

Enjoy my designs:)


How it all started

When I moved to the US with my husband and my older son I had to quit my job in France. I was working for a technical polymer company at the time. I decided to start my own children's clothing design business. I'm a selft-taught designer and sewing has always been a passion. It all started with some sales to some friends, then on local craft fairs. I also designed a website from scratch that I had to redo several times to arrive to the one I have today. I knew nothing about web designs and trust me I had to pull my hair more than once!!! My sales have since then continuously expanded and my designs are now traveling all around the world: USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Australia. I’m lucky to have wonderful customers. Some of them have been following me for several years and I love to see their princess grow up in my designs. I’m also proud to say that some of my little customers have been crowned during some pageant events with my designs and another one made it to the finals of the Spring Race Festival in Australia 2 years in a row. Thank you all so much for your support! I won’t be where I am today without you!!!! Francoise:)


All of my designs are serged and professionally finished. They are high quality and durable.

They come with a sew in label and a handtag. Each set is carefully folded, placed in a clear plastic bag, and wrapped with tissue paper.