Girls' Fall Winter

Red pink long sleeve jersey hoodie dress hand painted with hearts for Valentine’s day and matching doll dress - Xoxo


Little Girls' Unique Handmade Pink Floral Deer Long Sleeve Jersey Dress Leanne


Girl's fall winter colorful pink blue long sleeve floral t-shirt printed with a deer head and ruffled twirl skirt Leanne


Girl's colorful artsy long sleeve turquoise green fox hand printed patchwork jersey dress Woodland

$85.00 $49.00

Girl's patchwork long sleeve floral puff sleeve a-line jersey dress Princess Day
Princess Day - Size 5

$79.00 $45.00

Girl's fall winter casual set composed of a brown, pink long sleeve t-shirt and a floral ruffled skirt Chocolate Flavor
Chocolate Flavor


Girl's year round denim cotton floral appliqued apron ruffled twirl dress Happy Land
Happy Land


Girl's Whimsical Christmas Holiday red green white patchwork ruffled slip dress Holiday Pixie
Holiday Pixie


Girl's unique valentine paris eiffel tower pink red corduroy apron twirl dress birthday party dress From Paris With Love
From Paris With Love


Girl's unique valentine paris eiffel tower pink red pixie hood jersey dress From Paris With Love
From Paris With Love


Girl's fall winter pink blue embellished corduroy apron twirl dress My Garden
My Garden


Girl's retro vintage Christmas Holiday Valentine flower girl long sleeve twirl dress Red Ruby
Red Ruby


Girl's fall winter ruffled twirl dress handmade with green and pink corduroy and applique with a deer Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day


Baby girls romantic bird heart applique green pink corduroy twirl dress Love Birds
Love Birds


Girl's Holiday Christmas red long sleeve white lace a-line ruffled dress Scarlett


Girl's formal twirl dress handmade with black corduroy and white lace trims and ruffles Clara


Girl's Christmas twirl dress handmade with red corduroy and white lace trims and ruffles Clara


Girl's fall winter brown pink applique corduroy apron dress Voyage Marissa
Voyage Marissa


Girl's pink turquoise Paris Eiffel Tower floral long sleeve knit dress Voyage Makenzie
Voyage Makenzie


Girl's turquoise pink floral t-shirt with long puff sleeves and brown corduroy ruffled twirl skirt Voyage Sevyn
Voyage Sevyn


Girl's colorful long sleeve patchwork t-shirt handmade with turquoise and pink floral jersey Voyage Mya
Voyage Mya


Girl's colorful one of a kind floral corduroy ruffled shift dress Voyage Bailey
Voyage Bailey - Size 7

$85.00 $55.00

Girl's Paris holiday fall winter Eiffel Tower red corduroy twirl dress birthday Voyage Reagan
Voyage Reagan


Girl's pink flower girl floral birds ruffled twirl dress birthday party dress Voyage Emily
Voyage Emily


Girl's long sleeve turquoise t-shirt applique with a flower and brown pink corduroy pants Voyage Molly
Voyage Molly


Girl's Christmas twirl dress handmade with red corduory and black and white damask Bella Milano
Bella Milano


Girl's fall winter Christmas red green flower applique corduroy apron twirl dress Dancing Deer
Dancing Deer


Girl's Fall Winter composed of a Christmas Holiday green pixie hood t-shirt and a red ruffled twirl skirt Dancing Deer Size 6
Dancing Deer - Size 6

$125.00 $79.00

Girl's long sleeve brown t-shirt and ruffled twirl skirt embroidered with a Swedish dala horse Fall in Stockholm
Fall in Stockholm


Girl's fall winter long sleeve Swedish dala horse red hoodie jersey dress Fall in Stockholm
Fall in Stockholm


Girl's whimsical corduroy owl pink apron twirl dress Hoot Hoot
Hoot Hoot


Red corduroy ruffled jumper dress embellished with flowers, black trims and appliques Art Studio
Art Studio


Girl's fall winter red green holiday Christmas corduroy patchwork apron twirl dress Winter Bouquet
Winter Bouquet


Girl's casual everyday dress red white green peasant dress Flowers for Christmas
Flowers for Christmas - size 5

$75.00 $55.00

Girl's colorful applique floral jumper dress handmade with red corduroy and denim Crazy Flowers
Crazy Flowers


Girl's birthday easter green pink corduroy apron dress Tendresse


Girl's Christmas holiday dove applique ruffled red white corduroy apron dress Peace


Girl's whimsical holiday Christmas white red green pixie ruffled twirl dress Winter Fairies
Winter Fairies


Girl's red white polka dot stripes Christmas Valentine 4th of July peasant dress Peppermint Wonder
Peppermint Wonder


Girl's Holiday Christmas red peppermint long sleeve jersey dress Sassy Mint
Sassy Mint - Size 3

$72.00 $45.00

Girl's unique Valentine hand printed applique red pink hoodie jersey dress Je t'aime
Je t'aime


Girl's colorful fall winter red orange green asymmetrical corduroy twirl dress Julianna


Girl's vintage christmas holiday birthday pink gingerbread apron twirl dress Sweet Ginger
Sweet Ginger - Size 5

$95 $59

Girl's Christmas holiday silk red green asymmetrical ruffled twirl dress Merry Belle
Merry Belle - Size 7


Girl's seasonless black and white toile twirl dress Paris Manon
Paris Chic Manon

$98 $49