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Hand printed modern urban neck warmer scarf

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This fashionable women's scarf is handmade with a soft black cotton lycra jersey that I hand printed. I first painted the fabric with brush strokes using metallic perleascent white paint. I then hand printed the fabric with a grey leaf pattern using stamps that I created. I use high quality water based paint that I heat set to make it permanent. The reverse side of the scarf is solid black. This neck wrap ties with a polymer clay button with marble effect that I made. Because the buttons are handmade each button will be different from one scarf to another and will show a different marbling pattern but will remain in the same shades. The fabric is very soft and cozy.

  • Material: 95% cotton 5% lycra
  • Dimension: 28 inch x 9 inch
  • Wash delicate with gentle detergent, no bleach, no oxy, no chlorine
  • Fabrics are prewashed
  • Ships within 5 days
  • Handmade in the USA

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